CONSUMER ALERT! Regarding Universal Life Insurance Policies

Thinking about buying a universal life insurance policy? Feeling ripped off after buying one?

Consumers and policymakers need the truth.

The Life Insurance Consumer Advocacy Center, and thus this site, advocates for consumers.  That  includes telling the truth that your life insurance agent hasn’t told you – the great majority of life insurance investment schemes (because that is what universal life is) will fail to achieve the consumer’s objectives as portrayed in the illustration. That is especially likely with policies that are bought by people who are not wealthy. And if you are interested in universal life because your agent has told you about the prospect of getting tax-free income as a result of your investing in a universal life policy, then you need to understand that it is extremely unlikely that you would ever be able to realize that goal.

This site is intended to inform consumers and to educate policymakers, public interest groups, and media about the serious problems with the life insurance marketplace and how laws can be changed to protect consumers.


Tell Us Your Story

If you have had an experience that you feel strongly about with any life insurance policy that you understood to have an investment component (including universal life and whole life), then tell us about it. What happened to you may happen to others. We can be more effective as advocates if we understand all the ways in which consumers can be victimized by life insurance investment schemes.  Please understand that we do not provide legal advice or representation and may not respond to you regarding your post.